Saturday, September 23, 2017

Week of September 18-22

We have really increased our reading stamina both alone and with a partner! We are working on dropping any bad reading habits (such as mumbling unknown words, freezing and doing nothing, or saying a nonsense word) and picking up good habits (such as checking the picture, looking at the beginning, middle, and end of the word, and getting a running start from the beginning of the sentence.)

In writing, we set up a museum of our best small moment stories. We walked around, reading each other's writing and leaving compliments on a note
 Social studies was the highlight of the week! We learned about how cultures are alike and different. 
We tried eating with chopsticks.

We saw some real items from China, including traditional clothing... 

... Chinese newspapers ...

... and a lion mask!

We tried our hand at painting Chinese characters.

This Barbie is dressed in traditional Polish clothing.

We danced the Mexican Hat Dance around a sombrero.

We made papel picado, a traditional Mexican paper craft. 

We hit a pinata!
We also celebrated one student's Name Day, as part of her Greek heritage. What a wonderful world full of culture! 


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