Friday, October 6, 2017

Week of Oct. 2-6

This week in reading, we had our first class discussion about a book. We talked about the decision the animals made in Farmer Duck. We practiced taking turns without raising hands and responding to what other people said. We learned to politely disagree by saying, "I disagree because..."

In science, we washed rocks to see how their properties changed.
Some rocks became shiny.

Some rocks became darker.

This rock (scoria) bubbled when it was placed in water!
We found rocks outdoors, and we sorted them by their properties.

In math, we played different games and did activities to help us learn addition doubles facts.

Using the mirror to figure out doubles

 We also learned to tell time to the hour.

We went on a noun hunt throughout the school. 
We hunted for nouns in other classrooms....

... and in the office.

Even our stuffed animals learned at school this week!

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