Sunday, December 31, 2017

Busy Month of December

What a busy month! In math, we learned about ordering and comparing numbers. We also learned about the connection between addition and subtraction.
ordering numbers

using a number balance to see which number expression is greater

playing addition and subtraction games

In reading and writing, we have been focused on nonfiction.
finding key words in a nonfiction book

sharing a nonfiction piece of writing
In social studies, we completed our unit on history, learning about some groups of Americans and individuals from long ago all the way until today. We learned how life in America has changed over time.

Making timelines

We took a field trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum and participated in the A is for Art tour. 
We had a fantastic winter music concert! We're looking forward to more learning and fun in 2018!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Week of Nov. 27-Dec. 1

In reading, we have been reading LOTS of nonfiction! We spent some time walking around the room and chatting about what we have been learning in our nonfiction books. This sparked interest in new topics, and some of the students even traded books!

We have been focused on nonfiction in writing, too. Since nonfiction topics often involve long, difficult words, we learned how to break a long word into syllables, and then spell it one syllable at a time. Every syllable should have a vowel. Even if we don't get the exact grown-up spelling of a word, we are getting pretty close!
attempting the spelling of "defeated"

this writer attempted the spelling of "Scotland"
We shared our writing with a person who had not seen it before, so that person could help us realize if something was missing or confusing. These partners helped us improve our writing!